Psychic Jesus and wife Mary Magdalene

Jesus channeling through Gregory Thomas (of Gregory and Shelina)

loverandbelovedkissingbriseispainter1848louvre561pxI never taught much about my youth and not alot was written down about it.  I was also in a way protected from the beginning of my birth.  I never kept secrets from my wife Mary.  You don’t do that to somebody you love but she also knew when something was wrong with me.  I would come home and Mary would almost tell me what happened.

It’s like being so psychic and you two are so connected that you want him to buy a head of cabbage for the salad that night and instead he picks up a head of lettuce and instead of tomatoes he gets peppers. but we had a strong connection like you two where you guys come out with the same thoghts together all the time.  And with that she would tell me what happened and I was totally surprised because there would be some things I didn’t want to let her know. She even sometimes knew when I was coming in and she would have dinner ready and there ws no word ahead of time.  And it was kind of neat as Gregory says in a way. Sometimes I wasn’t hungry but I had to eat then.

At night she would come and I would be tired and she would sponge bathe me and wash my back and my body and bless me and rub my feet.  I would rub her feet too.  She was the greatest love I could have besides my God and my children.


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