Jesus Shares About Valentine’s Day

With Love From Jesus to The World

With Love From Jesus to The World

Jesus channeling through Gregory Thomas

Valentine’s day is from the heart and from the heart you need to love all humans- no matter what creed, color or culture for you are truly all one.  Treat your valentine right on Valentine’s Day.

It’s a day of love, peace and treating each other right and, yes, passion.  For passion is what keeps you as a couple strong.  The most important thing in your lives is to love.  Be passionate for that heals all other things in your lives and you can work together and understand each other for the betterment of each other and all your relatives and family for you are truly all one.

Love is more powerful than hate.  For fear from the lack of love, understanding, acceptance, having a home, money, health, a mate, friends or family makes one insecure.  But with love, the true emotions of love and the true feelings of knowing that things can change, its easy to work through these things and most things tend to work out.

So I say with love to the whole human race on this planet and others throughout the galaxy which they may not have a Valentine Day to celebrate like you send love out everywhere and understanding.

Love Jesus Christ of Nazareth along with Gregory and Shelina


Psychic Jesus and wife Mary Magdalene

Jesus channeling through Gregory Thomas (of Gregory and Shelina)

loverandbelovedkissingbriseispainter1848louvre561pxI never taught much about my youth and not alot was written down about it.  I was also in a way protected from the beginning of my birth.  I never kept secrets from my wife Mary.  You don’t do that to somebody you love but she also knew when something was wrong with me.  I would come home and Mary would almost tell me what happened.

It’s like being so psychic and you two are so connected that you want him to buy a head of cabbage for the salad that night and instead he picks up a head of lettuce and instead of tomatoes he gets peppers. but we had a strong connection like you two where you guys come out with the same thoghts together all the time.  And with that she would tell me what happened and I was totally surprised because there would be some things I didn’t want to let her know. She even sometimes knew when I was coming in and she would have dinner ready and there ws no word ahead of time.  And it was kind of neat as Gregory says in a way. Sometimes I wasn’t hungry but I had to eat then.

At night she would come and I would be tired and she would sponge bathe me and wash my back and my body and bless me and rub my feet.  I would rub her feet too.  She was the greatest love I could have besides my God and my children.

Mary Mother of Jesus Speaks of Children

Mary Mother of Jesus channels through Gregory Thomas (of Gregory & Shelina)

new-baby-clipart-5-tnSons when they are a certain age don’t always listen to their mothers. A lot of times when Jesus was out there I was afraid for him when he was out preaching when he was a young man but then he had such a devout conviction for being a son of God and sharing that everyone is the sons and daughters of God that with his guides and angels I felt he was continually protected all the time and that he knew that he had to take risks in order to get the people.

It took the burden off me a little bit that he married Mary, also called Mary Magdalene, that was such a wonderful kind daughter and he was very lucky that she had the adventure in her like him.  For the two in a way were perfectly matched like you two Gregory and Shelina.  The best male and female you can be, understand.

Even Joseph and I got into little disagreements but you look at each other and pray and say at night at supper and thank God for the day and for each other and your lives together.  For in reality everything else is not as important as your family and the one you love.  That’s why you raise your children the best you can.  And sometimes I thought Jesus raised me for he was continually teaching me everything he learnt and I would be in total awe of him.

What does God look like? by Jesus of Nazareth

rembrandtheadofchrist2I am Jesus Christ of Nazareth the actual aspect of the soul of 2000 years ago. I have been talking though Gregory with Shelina writing down many things of my past and I gave them The Jesus Opal to show proof of it. It is an amazing stone as these two have gone out and they teach love and peace and oneness with your God Source. For back then I taught that everyone is part of God and that everyone was born with the hands of God and a soul so why wouldn’t we all be part of God. #1 We cannot look like him in his physical image what egotistical pride or naive delusions of any people of this world to think that we look like God as a physical being. Who would he look like? Would he look like a great movie star? Would he look like a woman? And what egotistical pride to say that God has to be a man instead of a combination of masculine and feminine just like each human is. God has the ability to be anything he (she) (it) wants to be.

God is an energy that you can pray to that is the same energy throughout the whole galaxy and you are not alone in the galaxy for there is much proof there. Many nations like France, Russia, Mexico, Chile and others have opened up their ufo files. Gregory himself was given the ability to direct some Paleidian ships in front of a group of people late at night by channeling them about 12 years ago. That is a story itself. The ancients say that God has made many species. Why would he settle for humans as being the only designed intelligent creatures and there is a great variety of animals and plants and even one celled creatures even on Earth that don’t need oxygen and can live in high temperatures. This is a question that none of us will ever know the true answer as God changes just as we change. It is the way that all things are in the galaxy. With love and blessings- Jesus of Nazareth channeling through Gregory and Shelina

Gregory Channeling Jesus on His Soul Family

jesusopticalGregory channeling Jesus about the soul family of Jesus and Mary

I, Jesus of Nazareth from 2000 years ago, and Mary Magdalene are in the same soul family as Gregory and Shelina. Along with us there are the soul aspects of Leonardo da Vinci, John F Kennedy, Rasputin, Buddha, Gandhi, George Washington, Akhenaton, Mother Teresa, Tesla, Benjamin Franklin, Joan of Arc, Peter the Great, Mother Mary, Abraham, David, Mary Pickford, Queen Mary, Ponce de Leon plus many living now from this soul group that has 8500 to 11000 total soul aspects. Many more soul aspects have come down throughout history as the people of this world to work out a living with hopes and dreams as all of you. And that is a small list of thousands that worked to change the human species and mankind. Most of these are very ancient billions of years old working with the God Source and have helped the human race many times for their billions of years of living again and again and again in this galaxy as taught in many things with many abilities to work with their guides and angels. Just as Gregory and Shelina teach the hows, whens and whys of the creation of the first human dna in the galaxy as they were part of the first human Adams and Eves called Zanooka and Panini from 553 million years ago.

That list of old souls that have been on this Earth are in Gregory and Shelina’s soul group as I Jesus that is why I can channel through them. They are the only ones, specifically Gregory, on the Earth at this time that I am channeling through since we are in the same soul group and they have both been trained from childhood to handle the new truths coming through them and the galactic Tartrinian library that supersedes all Akashic and all other libraries. It is for those that are very highly evolved only and that is why Gregory and Shelina are not able to access these records themselves but through their 11th through 15th dimensional beings such as Saragon and Nonamori who are their experts. Saragon is an 11th dimensional Kodaman Master Angelic Teacher of Soul Science and Spirituality and Nonamori, 13th dimensional Kodakur Supreme Teacher of Love, Light and Knowledge. It has been taught on Earth before about the soul and how we are all connected to God 24/7 but the religious leaders wanted to keep control of it. Whether you live in the jungle or you worship cows or an Eskimo or part of the ancient Mayans that still live or an American that’s an Athiest, we teach the hows, wheres and whys that you are all really one people, brothers and sisters. And that if God truly created us all there’s no superior race on this Earth no matter what color, or shape, or body skin, rich or poor. Some like to think they are better than thou so they can control other people that are less fortunate than them but in reality many of those lower people are truly closer to God in spiritual growth than some of your religious leaders for they have a lot to learn about the equality of souls no matter what gender, belief, sexual preference or social status. For I tried to teach love and that you are all connected to the God Source. With many blessings for you and your family. Jesus Christ of Nazareth channeling through Gregory

I AM Back with New Truths by Jesus

Jesus speaking through Gregory about the return of the messiah

It is hard to understand but we’ve talked to some that we asked “What would you do if I Jesus came back in physical form? Would you drop on your knees and accept me that I have been reincarnated in a physical form?” And most of them said that most likely I would be shot or killed. For the Christians expect me to come back in the physical form as a messiah yet nobody truly would accept and they would question because I would not speak as I did 2000 years ago in the same language as you read out of your Bible but I would speak as a modern man as I speak through Gregory, and Shelina with her writing down my words. So the teachings and meanings would be the same as 2000 years ago with more of a modern twist and knowledge. For most people on this planet can read and write and there is the internet and television where a lot of new information is coming out about the truths of the ancient religion the Hebrew and the Gnostics and the Christian Bible. And many of you are finding that these great theologians of many religions around the world are changing many of their beliefs of those days due to the Deep Sea Scrolls the records of me when I traveled to India as a young man learning and almost dying there as I preached my religion after studying theirs and I would listen to these great theologians that have been reading these other texts found in Egypt along with the 500 other scrolls with the Book of Judas and Gospel of Mary. Mary has said that she does not know who wrote the Gospel of Mary though as she didn’t. So with this and the knowledge coming in, these two have been given a great gift and by some even been called prophets themselves, which Gregory didn’t like being called that until he found out that prophet means teacher, educator or messenger. So I come down now as a single soul aspect of my total soul and Gregory and Shelina I’ve chosen for they are in the same soul group to help this world truly find God for you are all connected to the God Source whether you believe it or not, and you are all part of God and to teach that and that we are not alone in the galaxy and to teach the information that was never given that is not in any of the text about the knowledge that God gave us and abilities.

And Gregory and Shelina teach about the first creation on the first planet called Uanara for their one aspect of the soul was part of that very first creation 553 plus million years ago somewhere else in the galaxy and this planet was seeded many times and destroyed three other times by humans. God bless you all. But I will say I only am channeling through Gregory and Shelina and I am not in the physical form on this planet. I want to help in the spiritual form at this time as does Mary Magadalene and Mother Mary. We all agreed to come back and help the planet along and hopefully the humans to evolve and grow spiritually. God Bless you all whether you believe this or not it is your free choice but if you want to learn from these two more than I would recommend contacting them and keep reading their stuff and help them along. For they also want to help the rest of the world and sorry to say it takes money and finances to do that. So possibly you can help by donating if you believe. Even a few bucks at time for so far it has been coming out of their own pockets to help others for that is what they love doing. Bless you and we will talk again. Jesus of Nazareth that channels through Gregory and Shelina

Merry Christmas from Gregory and Shelina, Jesus of Nazareth and Saragon

I Jesus, along with Gregory and Shelina and all the others from the same soul group would like to wish everybody a happy holiday seeason for the year 2008. And among them are many that are now incarnated on Earth and all of them have been through trials and tribulations as a lot of you are going through right now financially and with the cold weather and the messed up economy around the world. So this does not matter in what your beliefs are for remember you are all part of God whether male or female, rich or poor, Eskimo, Aborigine, Polynesian, Chinese, Indian, European, black, red, yellow or white you are all part of God the Great Creator. You must remember that Christmas comes from the heart and belief that is a time for love and peace for the year. May all of you ask a friend to ask a friend on this day of Christmas and again on New Years to bring your manifestations together on this planet and truly mean it. Do not ask as needy for yourself but as a conglomeration as a whole around this world in your own language and your own beliefs for this coming together. It will work and change. For you are the only ones that can change and as you help others and bless others you automatically change and learn to love yourself for who and what you are. Christmas morning wake up and bless everything you see around from from your food to your presents to who you are and with this include in that ‘I bless everyone in the whole world and I hope they have a great day and I thank them for being part of my experience in this life, whether good or bad, for I know it will help me grow’ and say ‘Thank you God for giving me this life and breathe and I know if we all do this we can change things and the energy will be positive that floats around the world.’ Gregory and Shelina and I will be praying with everyone’s guides and angels to help them out and also connecting to all the deceased relatives souls and guides on Christmas day. For the love of Gregory and Shelina for the world and the people is endless and boundless. Thank you God. Amen. Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Please pass this on if given a chance. Make a copy and pass it on.